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Mr and Mrs Wedding Quiz Questions 101: The Ultimate Guide

Challenge the bride and groom with clever Mr. and Mrs. game questions to see just how much the couple truly knows about each other. It's entertaining to witness the future spouses squirm and stumble as they share laughs with their guests.

NOTE: Don't miss the picture of the list of Top 120 questions organized at the bottom of the article.👇

Wondering how to conduct the ultimate Mr. & Mrs. quiz? No need to fret, we have you covered with a range of categories. Choose from amusing, risky, affectionate, or appropriate for all ages inquiries listed below.

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What are Mr. and Mrs.'s Questions?

Mr. and Mrs. questions are a type of game that is often played at weddings or bridal showers to test how well the couple knows each other. The game involves asking a series of questions to both the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be separately, and then comparing their answers to see how well they match. The questions can be about anything, from personal preferences to past experiences, and can range from lighthearted to more serious topics. The goal of the game is to see how much the couple truly knows about each other and to have fun in the process.

How to Organize a Girls Night Out with Mr. and Mrs. Questions?

Organizing a girls' night out with Mr. and Mrs. questions can be a fun and entertaining activity for you and your friends. Here are some steps to follow to organize a successful night:

  • Invite your friends: Send out invitations to your friends and make sure to ask them to RSVP.
  • Prepare the questions: Prepare a list of fun and interesting questions for both parties. The questions can be about anything, from personal preferences to past experiences. Make sure to have enough questions to keep the game going for a while.
  • Divide into teams: Divide your friends into teams of two, and have them choose a team name.
  • Ask the questions: Ask one question at a time, starting with one team and asking them to answer the question for their partner. Then, ask the other team to answer the same question.
  • Keep score: Give one point for each correct answer. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.
  • Add a personal touch: To add a personal touch to the night, you can provide prizes for the winners, such as gift cards, beauty products, or fashion accessories. You can also provide snacks and drinks so your friends can relax and have fun while playing.

Overall, organizing a girls' night out with Mr. and Mrs. questions can be a fun and memorable activity. Make sure to allow enough time to play and prepare interesting questions to keep your friends engaged and entertained throughout the night.


Here are the instructions for playing the game:

How to Play?

Step 1: Choose a selection of questions (around 20-25) from the list above and create a questionnaire. You can also add your own questions to the list that fit the couple perfectly.

Step 2: Print out the questionnaire and make two copies. Give one copy of the questions to the groom and ask him to answer them honestly. Make sure to keep his answers secret from the bride.

Step 3: Give the second copy of the questions to the bride at the bachelorette party and ask her to answer them before the groom reveals his answers.

Step 4: After each answer given by the bride, reveal the groom’s answer to see if they match or not. You can either ask the bride alone or have a team to take care of it.

These instructions will ensure that you can play the game easily and fairly. The game is a fun way to learn more about the couple and their relationship, and it can be a great addition to any bachelorette party or bridal shower.

Classic questions from Mr. and Mrs. Game:

  1. What is your partner's favorite food?
  2. What is your partner's favorite movie?
  3. What is your partner's favorite color?
  4. What is your partner's favorite hobby?
  5. What was the first gift your partner gave you?
  6. What is your partner's dream vacation destination?
  7. What is your partner's biggest fear?
  8. What is your partner's favorite song?
  9. What was the first thing you noticed about your partner?
  10. What is your partner's favorite childhood memory?

These questions can be customized to fit the couple's unique relationship and experience. The goal is to have fun and get to know each other better while testing how well they know each other.

"Who is" Mr. and Mrs. Questions

Don't forget the other classic question that helps newlyweds get to know each other better. "Who is" is a standard in a Mr. and Mrs. question game.

  1. Who is the funniest?
  2. Who will be the best cook?
  3. Which celebrity does your partner want to date if they could?
  4. Who is the most romantic?
  5. Who is the most caring?
  6. Who is the boss?
  7. Who is the first to apologize after a fight?
  8. Who is the best kisser?
  9. Who is the best dancer?
  10. Who is the best drinker?
  11. Who is the best at DIY?
  12. Who is more loved by your parents between you and your fiancé?
  13. Who is more likely to get lost while traveling?

Mr. and Mrs. Funny Questions

Get the whole place laughing by asking the couple some amusing questions about Mr. & Mrs.

  1. What was their first impression of you?
  2. What were they wearing on your first date?
  3. What are their most annoying habits?
  4. Which item of clothing do you dislike most?
  5. Why do they think you're most likely to end up in prison?
  6. Which of you is the strangest?
  7. Which of you has a disgusting habit?
  8. Which of you is afraid of horror movies?
  9. What's their worst habit?
  10. Who do you think can be a celebrity?
  11. What's their guilty pleasure?
  12. What is their greatest fear?
  13. Which celebrity couple is similar to the two of you?

Questions To Each Other

Get to know the couple better with them, or ask questions that will test their memory of each other.

  1. Who's the best driver?
  2. Who said "I love you" first?
  3. What perfume do they wear?
  4. What makes them laugh?
  5. How old were you and your fiancé when you had your first kiss?
  6. Which celebrity does he/she think they most resemble?
  7. Who probably says they're already traveling, but in reality, they're still getting ready?
  8. What was the last thing your fiancé cried about?
  9. Have you ever accidentally soiled your partner's toothbrush or any of his personal belongings, then put it back on the cupboard as if nothing had happened?
  10. What was their first pet name for you?
  11. Who's the most dramatic?
  12. Who's always on time?
  13. Who's the most stubborn?

Mr. and Mrs. Cute questions

Finish the game on a sweet note with these cute questions. These are similar to Mr. and Mrs. questions for families as it builds the romance between the two.

  1. What is their favorite restaurant?
  2. What makes your partner happy?
  3. What is their dream destination?
  4. What was their first job?
  5. What do they love most about you?
  6. What is the cheesiest pickup line they have ever used on you?
  7. How old were they when they had their first kiss?
  8. What would they grab first in a fire?
  9. What animal best reflects your partner?
  10. What do you give your partner to make them feel energized?
  11. What makes them unique?
  12. What was the best gift they ever gave you?
  13. What is your partner most proud of you for?
  14. What is their zodiac sign?
  15. What makes them passionate?


Ideas for Bachelorette Parties

In addition to hearing interesting confessions from the couple during this popular game, you can also try other bachelorette party games that guarantee a fun day for the group. Try the bachelorette party games below.

Drunk Pictionary - Take the classic game of Pictionary to a classic height when you add alcohol. The loser must drink half a bottle of whisky to feel its consequences.

Naughty Hen Do Bingo - It's like a normal game of bingo, but full of alcohol! Let everyone get drunk for the night!


Mr. and Mrs. Questions for Wedding 101

You cannot ignore Mr. and Mrs. questions if you are organizing a bachelorette/bachelor party. This game will break the ice so that all guests feel comfortable and get to know the couple better. Remember not to include what the majority may consider to be gross or offensive questions for Mr. and Mrs. questions so as not to put anyone in an awkward position.

We hope you enjoy creating a memorable and enjoyable party before the wedding with Mr. and Mrs. questions.


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Top 120 Mr. & Mrs. Quiz questions:

Photos Below For Downlord👇

 Top 120 Mr. & Mrs. Quiz questions

 Top 120 Mr. & Mrs. Quiz questions

 Top 120 Mr. & Mrs. Quiz questions

 Top 120 Mr. & Mrs. Quiz questions

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