Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Are you seeking to add some excitement to your wedding party? We have curated some picture-perfect palettes that blend different colors and styles.

1. Same Colors, Different Styles

dusty sage bridesmaid dress
The first option is to choose the same color for all the bridesmaid dresses, but allow your bridesmaids to choose their preferred style. This approach ensures that all your bridesmaids look cohesive while allowing them to express their individuality.
dusty blue bridesmaid dresses

2. Mismatched Colors In The Same Palette

mismatched bridesmaid dress
The second option is to choose the same style of dress for all your bridesmaids, but allow them to choose different colors within the same color palette. For example, you could choose a flowy chiffon dress with a sweetheart neckline and allow your bridesmaids to choose from different shades of pink, like blush, rose, and dusty pink.
green bridesmaid dress

3. A Mix Of Styles and Colors

mismatched bridesmaid dress
The third option is to mix and match different styles and colors of dresses. This approach is perfect for brides who want a more eclectic and unique look for their bridesmaids. You could choose a mix of long and short dresses, different fabrics, and colors.
mix of styles bridesmaid dress